Are you an IT, tech or related company?

Maximise your sales opportunities by joining the Comscentre Partner Program

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Become a Comscentre Certified Partner and add Comscentre’s comprehensive range of business communication solutions to your service offering.

CPP Benefits

  • Deliver the best solution to the customer
  • Maximise sales prospects
  • Competitive positioning – lock out competitors
  • Earn commission on products and services

Comscentre Partner Program Products

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How it Works

Step 1 – The partner joins the Comscentre Partner Program (CPP) and becomes a Comscentre Certified Partner (CCP) by signing Comscentre’s partner agreement.

Step 2 –  The CCP introduces a customer specific opportunity to Comscentre.

Step 3 – The CCP and Comscentre work together to draw on their range of complementary products and services in order to the deliver the best solution to the customer. This maximises the sales prospects of both parties.

Step 4 – Where this results in Comscentre being contracted to supply products or services to the customer, Comscentre will pay a commission to the CCP.

Become a CCP

Express your interest in the CPP by completing the below form and Comscentre will be in touch. Alternatively you may email

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