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How do I recover my password for Customer Portal?

You can recover your password here.


What is my Customer Service Number?

You can find your Customer Service Number on your invoice.


Where can I access Online Billing?

You can login and view your billing information here.


How can I recover my password for Online Billing?

You can recover your password here.

I can’t make a call.

If it’s just your phone, make sure the phone’s data cable hasn’t been unplugged. If it’s all your phones, make sure the router hasn’t been unplugged from power or the network.


I can’t connect to the internet.

If it’s just your computer, check that your computer hasn’t been unplugged from the network. If it’s all your computers, check that the router hasn’t been unplugged from your internet connection.


Do’s and Don’ts

DO install a suitable UPS.

DON’T overload it, keep within the unit’s capacity.

DON’T unplug the router unless there is an issue or you have been instructed to do so by our support team.

DO call us if you have been impacted for any length of time.

DO provide as much detail as you are able, like the time of the issue, the frequency of the issue, who you were calling and what else was happening at the time the issue occurred.

I would like to feature Comscentre in an article, who should I contact?

For any media enquiries, please contact

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