Global Communications

Base your communications and data with Comscentre in Australia and enjoy the benefits.

Comscentre is able to provide the One Touch Communications™ solution: Voice, Data, Video and Unified Communications, and Managed Services to Australian businesses expanding overseas and foreign-based businesses with Australian operations.  

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Simple global communications

  • No need to deal with the intricacies and varying requirements of providers and government bureaucracies in multiple countries
  • All global video and voice calls are as easy as a simple, local extension call
  • All data transactions are via Comscentre’s own national MPLS network with secure international links
  • Make a video or voice call, or data transaction anywhere in the world with one click and know it will work

Assured quality of service

  • Full responsibility for your global network remains in Australia with Comscentre via Service Level Agreements
  • 24/7 network support from our Australian and Asian-based Network Operations Centres
  • Management of your network to Australian standards by Comscentre’s highly certified Cisco engineers 
  • One Australian number to call for all of your global communications and data support

Cost reductions

  • Free calls between all offices, no global roaming costs
  • Single platform, easy to use and easy to train staff
  • Single cabling and hardware infrastructure
  • Move staff at will without the cost of a service provider

Better productivity

  • Integrated directories and simple click to dial anywhere globally
  • Easily escalate phone calls to video and share desktops to collaborate and share ideas
  • Record customer enquiries and link directly to your CRM
  • Instant hot-desking
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