Want to collaborate with anyone, at any time, from any device? It is possible by moving from an on-premise PABX to a Comscentre hosted solution.

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Comscentre Enterprise Collaboration solution (CEC), powered by Cisco and Comscentre Business Collaboration solution (CBC) powered by Broadsoft provide companies with the collaboration tools to communicate and build ideas together. Instant messaging, video calls and rich-media sharing enable this collaboration using cloud-based applications – all of the functionality of your on-premise telephony system with all the benefits of cloud technology.


Consolidate the costs of your business’ communications by only paying for the services you use – a new phone system designed with today’s ‘As a Service’ consumption models.

  • Budget accurately, with fixed costs per month.
  • Choose your own usage and cost plan.
  • $0 upfront
  • No capital outlays: no charges for data centre upgrades, licensing or equipment
  • Evergreen model: We upgrade equipment and infrastructure without additional costs.


Eliminate security concerns

  • Access applications and information directly and securely from the cloud.
  • Operational risk is significantly reduced.
  • Achieve maximum security and connectivity performance with Comscentre Secure Internet.


Transition smoothly

Migrating from your current system doesn’t need to be difficult. The migration path for your environment is designed specifically to your needs based on Cisco validated design.

You can even leverage your existing handsets, and they will be supported too.


Choose a managed communications solution

Free-up critical resources from the distraction of day-to-day tasks of managing an on-premise system and deploy the team to focus on long-term strategic goals.


The design of the CEC and CBC streamlines administration of the ICT environment.

The power of the Hosted Collaboration Solution:

  • Interoperability and presence
  • Easily scale the number of users in the environment up or down
  • Collaborate from anywhere, on any device


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