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The Comscentre Network

The Comscentre network is a highly resilient MPLS network with two Points of Presence (POP’s) in capital cities throughout Australia and Asia, meshed together into a highly resilient core.
Connect your sites to the Comscentre MPLS core using a variety of options, including the NBN in Australia, or through a range of wholesale telecommunications providers throughout the region.

Internet Services offered by the Comscentre MPLS Core Network:

Single Site

We offer a range of data tails to deliver internet services – including business-grade links, nbn, fixed wireless and fibre. Connectivity at each site is a great way to separate traffic to cloud based services such as O365 vs corporate applications delivered via private network.

Cloud-Based Firewall

Internet can be injected to a private network via our Cloud based firewall. This centralises the control of access to the internet and can be managed via our web based portal.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Remote users or remote sites can be connected securely to your private network via our cloud based VPN termination service.

4G Back-Up

4G back-up can be provided for internet access or connection to your corporate private network using our VPN termination service. Should it be needed, the 4G back-up link would automatically be used to redirect for connectivity.

QoS-Based Blending

QoS based blending of Internet traffic with Private Network application traffic to ensure your important applications perform as planned.

Multiple Injection Points

Multiple points of internet injection for resiliency

Multiple Upstream Providers

Multiple upstream providers to provide further resiliency

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