Secure Private Network Solutions

When creating a multi-site network for customers, Comscentre use a secure private network solution based on MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

An MPLS VPN provides the same level of security as a legacy ATM/Frame Relay network, though without the same scaling problems and with a lower cost structure.

This technology combines the benefits of Layer 3 routing, with those of Layer 2 switching, to create a high performance IP network.

Next Generation MPLS

Comscentre’s next-generation MPLS based national IP network is capable of transporting voice, data and video efficiently over unified infrastructure, Australia-wide.

The architecture of Comscentre’s MPLS private network enables network traffic to be routed across the optimum path from point to point, rather than traversing a fixed path of virtual circuits as in the case of traditional network technologies.

This is especially important for real-time applications, such as voice, whereby all unnecessary ‘hops’ are eliminated, decreasing any delay or ‘jitter’ in the transmission.

Tail Agnostic

Another major advantage of a Comscentre MPLS private network is that our solutions are tail agnostic. In other words, our customers are free to use any combination of tail technologies, including but not limited to fibre, wireless, EFM, E1, Leased Line and xDSL.

The Comscentre solution is highly efficient as no additional encapsulation is required between a customer’s router and the Comscentre network.

This also eliminates any unnecessary complexities in configuration and keeps router processing and packet overheads low.

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