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Adshel, the Australian division of global company Clear Channel Outdoor, offers solutions to local councils across the country by designing, installing and maintaining outdoor infrastructure and selling advertising space for businesses to showcase their services and build brand recognition. Adshel owns more than 11,000 advertising panels across Australian designed for street, rail, bus, shopping Centre and airport locations.

By partnering with Comscentre, voice communications and data management for Adshel are now centralised which resulted in reducing associated costs. With Adshel’s high bandwidth requirements and need to send large graphic files between sites, Comscentre has improved efficiency.


As a growing company with offices in every state, Adshel needed a nationwide voice system that would link its offices, reduce their IT workload and still maintain an effective IP voice system and management structure. Comscentre was able to manage their IP voice needs with communication across the company significantly improved following the roll out.

We wanted to reduce our telecommunications bills… it was significantly cheaper for us to cross to Comscentre and go to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) than it was to stay with our previous provider.

The installation of Cisco’s Call Manager Express in each site  across Australia reduced travel expenses and increased productivity between offices by using this system to manage inter-office and conference calls.

Being on the same uniform phone system across the whole company is a huge help, especially as we spend a lot of time interstate.

To save further on travel, we also plan to do video-conferencing between our offices on the same system, which will be another cost-saving. The infrastructure is already in place.
Sam Le Quesne – IT Manager, Adshel


An overall approval from Adshel employees for the handsets (7940 series), fax-to-email service and ability to convert incoming faxes to emails.

This means multiple fax numbers can be used without the cost of additional machines, reducing administration overheads while also saving money on line rental, maintenance and consumables such as inks, toners and paper.

Having the unified phone directory menu within the phone has also improved efficiency, saving the hassle of printing out telephone lists to distribute among staff. With Comscentre’s help, Adshel will roll out its fleet mobile system into VoIP, providing further cost-savings. Using a GSM Dialler, fleet plan mobile users will be able to call other fleet plan users free of charge from a wall-mounted mobile phone. The partnership with Comscentre has meant increased network capabilities, significant savings and scalability to meet current and future business needs.
Trevor Inglis – Project Manager – Comscentre

Comscentre has been particularly accommodating, everything I have asked for, whether it be system advice or more details billing systems, all my request have been met.
Sam Le Quesne – IT Manger – Adshel


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Comscentre provides a solution to Adshel that increases their business communications efficiency.

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Date May 06, 2015
Categories Advertising and Media

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