Cameron Australasia

Cameron Australasia

Cameron Australasia Case Study


Cameron Australasia is a leader in manufacture and supply of pressure control and drilling equipment to the oil and gas industry. After a directive from its US head office to deploy a Cisco Call Manager Solution, Cameron Australasia turned to Comscentre. After competing with Telstra and Macquarie for the contract, Comscentre won the tender with its fully managed service.

Craig Penberthy – IT Manager – Cameron Australia

“Comscentre’s Cisco Call Manager solution was the best fit. Dealing with Comscentre simplifies our accounts payable process, as we no longer have multiple bills from multiple vendors. With the Cisco system being rolled out by the company worldwide, Comscentre linked the Australasia arm to its global Wide Area Network (WAN). This allowed offices in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney to make free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone calls to their international offices.

Our US and UK offices are already on the Call Manager System, which means we can use VoIP for
free, rather than making a costly international call. We have a lot of international conference calls on a daily basis so this is a considerable saving for the company. According to Comscentre Engineer – Michael McLean, they wanted a supplier that could do it all – the one stop shop.


With the company’s servers based in Melbourne, a central Call Manager System was rolled out. Cisco’s Call Manager Express (suitable for SMEs and branch offices) was deployed in their Perth office, whilst other sites use the Comscentre Remote Worker product to connect them to the Cameron network.

To increase worker productivity, Cameron Australasia also required a Presence server and software, to give users the ability to view on their PCs or IP phones if someone is in the office, at home, on the phone or online.


Craig Penberthy – IT Manager – Cameron Australasia

The speed with which we can communicate now has greatly improved efficiency, i.e. we dial three digits as opposed to eight. The clarity of the calls has also improved. Comscentre provided a professional implementation and the solution roll out went smoothly. It suits our functionality for now and in the future. The next step for Comscentre is to provide video conferencing from user’s PCs. It is anticipated this would further reduce travel times and costs. Winning a large offshore contract in Western Australia has accelerated expansion in Perth for Cameron Australasia with plans for a Brisbane office to follow. Singapore coming online later this year with Call Manager will give the company a worldwide unified directory.

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Cameron strikes oil with Comscentre.

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Date May 06, 2015
Categories Mining

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