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Century 21

Century 21 Case Study – Real Estate


Century 21 Australia is the fastest-growing real estate network in Australasia with over 300 independently owned and operated offices throughout NSW, QLD, NT, WA ,SA and VIC. Century 21 Austalia operates a business format style franchise organisation offering licensed real estate agents and business entrepreneurs the services and software needed to run every aspect of their real estate business.

Century 21 was in the process of moving a number of its state offices when it partnered with Comscentre. They were looking to install a new phone system and wanted to provide free calls between their state offices across a single data and voice platform.

Comscentre came to the table with a compelling opportunity allowing us to work with their IP phone technology.
Paul Mylott – General Manager – Century 21


Today Century 21 offices save money monthly on their telephony bills and have increased functionality such as voicemail, unified messaging and rerouted 1300 traffic.

Cisco Call Manager Express and Unity applications run voice and data routers across the organisation. Comscentre also installed manager and executive phones, high-end IP conferencing stations and video-conferencing equipment.

We can talk to other state offices over the internet, which has driven down costs. I can talk to Victoria for an hour for nothing! We also do a lot of conference calls and link up the whole country with one meeting over the internet for next to nothing.
Paul Mylott – General Manager – Century 21

Century 21 negotiated a deal with Comscentre and now offers it as a package to its franchisees, promoting it to all new offices that join the group as well as recommending Comscentre to those offices looking to upgrade their phone system. Mr Mylott said 20 to 30 per cent of the Centry 21 group now use Comscentre and are reportedly “over the moon” with the technology.

We have been able to extend their functionality across their franchises, and now have a number of Century 21 offices running Comscentre’s solution. We also give free calls between the head office and franchises. Century21 has saved money by not having to hire extra staff to run the divergent networks. They recently relocated and instead of that being a major headache it was simple a matter of moving the phones; we did the rest.
Ben Shipley – Managing Director – Comscentre


Century 21 reports considerable cost-savings in calls and equipment service, support an maintenance.

All together, the upgrade, equipment and call costs are still cheaper than the bills we were paying with our previous provider. The level of post sales and technical support has been exceptional. We are very happy with the arrangement and look forward to introducing Comscentre to future partners.
Paul Mylott – General Manager – Century 21

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Date May 06, 2015
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