Genazzano FCJ College

Genazzano FCJ College

An ageing PABX could not integrate with new technology and was unable to keep up with the demands of a flexible, mobile education campus.


Genazzano FCJ College is a Catholic day and boarding school in Melbourne with over 1,100 students. It provides a wide curriculum to students across a beautiful, park like campus. The PABX system in place was draining significant expenditure to maintain and operate, yet it was unable to deliver anything more than basic telephony services.

With a wide range of subjects available, and an increasing number of staff teaching niche subjects in flexible formats, the College needed a system that could adapt to flexible, mobile teaching and accommodate future staff and structural changes.

“These days it’s no longer just about the ‘three R’s’, we’re teaching an incredibly broad range of specialist subjects to ready our students for life in today’s world. Ensuring that staff can maximise their productivity and not be burdened by poor technology tools is a critical objective of the College.”
Mark Glover, Business Manager

Not only was the existing system unable to keep up with the increasing communications needs of existing staff, it had also run out of scope to support increasing staff numbers and campus facilities.

The Solution

We created an IP Telephony solution that would not only reduce operational costs, but also provide scalability to deal with growth and flexibility to accommodate any structural changes in the future.

We established a series of virtual profiles which can be accessed simply by logging in from any available handset in any office, faculty lounge or shared work station across the campus. With a PIN number entered the phone takes on the profile of the staff member, giving them full access to all of their account features including voicemail and caller ID.

This solution allows Genazzano to focus on the growth and development of their educational and extracurricular programs, without worrying about how the communications support system might keep up.

The Results

Comscentre has empowered the College with full and easy control to scale up or down their network as faculty staff fluctuate, easily adding or removing them as required. Alternatively the Comscentre Support team can administer the changes for Genazzano.

With the leading IP technology installed, an immediate improvement was felt by users in terms of ease of operating the system and the voice quality of calls. Full redundancy backup is also built in to the system.

Hard cost savings were immediate. Lower call costs via Comscentre’s tail agnostic national network and an immediate cut to monthly operational costs via a single, centralised IP platform. In the long term there will be even greater savings due to the flexibility of a system that will accommodate increased staff numbers and allow the provision of niche courses without the need to redevelop facilities.

“We found that not only was our previous telephone system unable to scale up to suit the increasing communication needs of our teaching staff, but we were literally running out of options to support the growth of staffing numbers and development of our office facilities.”

“Comscentre’s solution enabled us to add profiles for a wide range of operation needs including ‘hot-desking’ and their solutions were perfect for us. It met all of our requirements for a new telephony system and exceeded our expectations in terms of allowing us to support the growing communication demands of our College.”
Mark Glover, Genazzano FJC College Business Manager.

Project Description

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An IP Telephony solution cuts costs, allows faculty to be more mobile and the College more flexible in developing curricula.

Project Details

Date May 06, 2015
Categories Education

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