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Business Objectives

With a traditional office setup, rigid telephony platform and limited flexibility for meetings and meeting engagement, esteemed legal services firm, Gilbert + Tobin, were not making the most of opportunities to meaningfully connect and come together as a company. When relocating their new Sydney office, to a new site at Barangaroo, they took action to change how connectivity and collaboration happen.

The business took the occasion of relocating offices – with the new site incorporating a significantly more advanced and modern layout – to also modernise the communications environment and the collaborative output among users. The directive was for uplift in capabilities across the communications environment, such as migrating to SIP, mobility and new technology to facilitate collaboration, in parallel with the relocation.

Why Comscentre

For a multitude of reasons, the Comscentre engagement and solution stood out: a close partnership with Sydney based professional IT services firm, The Missing Link, a strong commitment from Comscentre management to along-term relationship, extensive experience in cooperating and connecting with multiple vendors and certified Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Video credentials.

The emphasis on the long-term relationship, combined with the expertise in vendor management, set Comscentre apart.The positive experience of working alongside Comscentre to complete the sign-off of the solution came from the commitment towards responsiveness and accountability in all aspects of business. Additionally, Gilbert + Tobin wanted to build a long-term relationship with a provider that understood realistic limitations and the nuances of a complex solution. The two set a clear path immediately for how the two companies would work closely together.

At the earliest stages of the engagement, the focus of the Comscentre consultation, discovery and planning was to understand what users wanted from their communications technologies, how they use them, and how best to deliver a solution that would achieve the outcome the business had set.


Comscentre deployed a solution that considered the new office design as well as the firm’s legacy systems and components: Employees previously had individual offices and cubicles, which immediately placed limitations on collaborative exchanges; the company were using static blocs of ISDN number ranges, significantly reducing flexibility in the process; and meetings needed to happen face-to-face while mobile attendees could only dial-in for audio access.

The solution provided users with the latest Cisco collaboration applications (Cisco Jabber and WebEx), growing mobility and team-member connectivity capabilities enormously; Comscentre’s SIP Connect voice service replaced existing ISDN technology, delivering substantial improvements to the voice network management; the new open-plan office integrated standalone meeting rooms, which were enabled with new Cisco video endpoints and the collaboration applications – Cisco’s Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR); and new Plantronics headsets were bought into the firm to further support the drive towards increased mobility and responsiveness.

Gilbert + Tobin Chief Information Officer, Mitch Owens, is delighted with the solution that’s been delivered and the new flexibility users now benefit from. Teams can now work remotely and easily connect via video into meetings and chat in real-time with colleagues via instant messaging. The solution has streamlined how the firm operates and surpassed the business goals set out prior to the move across to Sydney’s harbour.

According to Mitch himself,

“What’s been delivered is exactly what we needed.”

Project Description

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Comscentre deploys Voice and Collaboration solutions for Gilbert + Tobin

Project Details

Date June 16, 2015
Categories Legal Services

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