Registered Tax Agent

Registered Tax Agent

Registered Tax Agent

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) for voice communication services.

The business challenge

This Australian based company’s qualified accounting team act as tax agents for both individuals and businesses. Operating for over 20
years, this company prides itself on quality customer service.

The company’s old phone system did not provide them with enough capacity to effectively operate their call centre, and so they made a
decision to upgrade.

After conducting research to see what is in the market that was relevant to their needs, the company decided that a hosted system was
the preferred solution.

The solution

Though the company had found it challenging to match communications services to their business requirements, Comscentre provided a solution to successfully achieve their business outcomes.

Comscentre implemented a Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) for voice communication services. An HCS solution allows for flexibility in customisation and deployment and supports a full line of voice and video endpoints. It’s a proven cloud-based service, hosted in over 50 countries and used at thousands of sites worldwide.

“Most other companies offer a hosted system which is purchased outright and then managed. Under Comscentre’s model we only pay for the licensing we’re using and Comscentre set it all up for us”, the company’s IT Manager said.

The HCS was supplied with a sliding SIP channel (internet telephony) allocation based on scaling needs during tax time. SIP provides a powerful alternative to standard ISDN or PSTN lines. The service enables customers to make telephone calls as usual but offers the ability to reduce the number of lines required.

A call reporting and recording system was also implemented which can be monitored and managed through an attendant console. Other services provided to the customer included a 30M fibre data service and the porting of 100 numbers.

The results

“It was a very easy process to transition from our old system to the new system. Comscentre’s project management team were great and worked together with us to get the job done”, the company’s IT Manager said. “We were on a pressing timeline to get the new system implemented before tax season and Comscentre got the job done in about half the time it would normally take in order to meet our deadline”.

The company now have a much more efficient and agile voice communication system with improved call flow setups. The company’s employees are able to hot desk anywhere as they no longer have to call a number by patching, or physically change numbers on a phone when it is reallocated.

Reporting wise, a lot more information is visible to the company including records of operator calls. The ability to receive real time call information has enabled the company to improve their staffing process to better meet demand. Call centre managers are able to use the attendant console to manage operational processes and conduct checks.

The company has found the HCS portal easy to use and has been able to use it to solve problems in lieu of having to get a vendor to attend site. Overall, they have found that support is much easier to access than with their previous provider.

The new call recording functionality provided to them is being used for training purposes to upskill operators during the off-season in preparation for the tax season load, leading to improved customer service levels.

An additional benefit is that the new solution is that it has enabled the company to enhance some marketing activities such as the on-hold message system.

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Project Description

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Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) for voice communication services.

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Date August 08, 2016
Categories Financial Services

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