Business Grade Data Networks and NBN Access

The Comscentre Network is a highly resilient MPLS network with two Points of Presence (POP’s) in capital cities throughout Australia and Asia meshed together into a highly resilient core.

Connecting to the Comscentre Network

Customer sites can connect to the MPLS core using a variety of options including the NBN in Australia and a complete range of wholesale telecommunication providers throughout the region.

We will engineer your Private Network to suit your requirements. With a Comscentre network you can forget about all of those network problems of the past and get on with growing your business.

Comscentre’s ultra reliable, highly secure MPLS network delivers voice, video and data traffic to all of your sites.

Comscentre’s Private Network Provides

  • NBN access
  • Business grade internet services
  • Virtual Private Network for remote users or tele-workers
  • MPLS Private Networks for ultra-secure private data between offices
  • Backup wireless services
  • Primary wireless services for remote areas
  • SIP Trunking across our MPLS network
  • SIP Connect for your voice calls
  • Video Conferencing between offices or from our cloud based Video Services Platform
  • Managed Firewall Service
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