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Take advantage of our expertise and reap the rewards of optimal performance with our business communications networks and systems

Business Communications Consulting

Our team of IT consultants can work with you to develop an affordable, scalable and secure communications strategy for your business that will allow your network to grow with your business.

Project Management

Comscentre’s Project Managers are highly experienced in the end to end management of communications projects of all sizes, from initial network design, through to procurement, installation and network testing, to ensure the smooth roll out and optimal performance of your communications infrastructure.


Comscentre can provide comprehensive IT and communications training across all Comscentre product and services. All product and service training is delivered via web-based applications or, for an extra fee, in-house.

Network Management and Support

Our two Network Operations Centres (NOC), our technicians and IT support staff constantly monitor our customer’s networks 24-7. Our IT engineers will ensure the optimal performance of your network and the speedy resolution of any network faults or issues.

Network Design and Engineering

Our highly trained IT network engineers can design the most efficient voice, video and data network solution for your business, regardless of size, ensuring optimal performance from an affordable and scalable solution.

Network Optimisation

Our network engineers and technicians can work with you to deliver a smart IT solution which isolates and mitigates against performance hindrances across your network. Using state-of-the-art technology solutions will ensure the optimal performance of your communications infrastructure.

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