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Connect to your private corporate network remotely and securely

Comscentre’s remote worker solutions extend all of the functionality and reliability of your office based systems, to your workers based at home or within micro branch offices.

Our solutions reduce the inherent complexity of remote worker networks, saving you time and money, while greatly improving the productivity of your remotely-based workforce.

Synchronise remote workers with your office

Benefits for your business

  • One consolidated bill under your company’s name
  • The ability to make calls from remote locations across your organisation’s network
  • Cisco PABX functionality at your home or smallest office locations
  • Direct connection for voice and data to your company’s Local Area Network
  • Cisco level security at home
  • Comscentre’s Service Level Agreement

Remote worker solution means

  • You can get connected and stay in touch with your work environment
  • Synchronise your remote workers and offices with your central HQ
  • Integrate all office technologies including PDAs, mobile phones laptops and desktops with advanced telephony capabilities
  • Participate in instant messaging and calendar services
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