Introducing Resolve by Comscentre

Experience Comscentre’s new and improved customer support system. Resolve ensures your support issue is resolved faster and more easily.

Download the flyer here.

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EASIER – Two Way Communication

Resolve’s new workflow structure facilitates easier and more frequent communication with customers. Our best communicators are now your first point of contact and are known as responders. These responders will work closely with you to fully and accurately understand your support request and ensure your issue is assigned to the most appropriate technical support team. As the resolution process progresses, the responders will keep you updated.

FASTER – Technical Specialists

A new technical team structure means that product subject specialists are assigned to support issues resulting in faster issue resolution. Our technical subject specialists, known as resolvers, work on resolving issues related to their product expertise. As specialists, rather than generalists, our resolvers can complete any support issues faster and to a higher standard.

BETTER – Product Specialists

Resolve’s product specialists complete the new workflow process and are known as builders. The builders will ensure product performance and reliability through maintenance and development of your products and services. They also provide training and support to the technical specialists where required.

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