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Access to Support

We provide a number of ways for you to access our fantastic support team. We’ll provide you with reference number for your peace of mind and contact you when your query has been resolved.

  1. Call 1300 134 680 for Urgent Issues
  2. Email Us
  3. Complete the New Support Request form to the right.


Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us.

Emailing Comscentre Support

To help our Customer Support Teams action your issue quickly, we request that you include the following information in emails to Support.

  • Customer Service Number in the subject line
  • Description of problem in subject line
  • Level of severity in the email, using our table below as a guide.
  • Brief description of the adds, moves or changes that you require.
  • Contact name and number to ensure that our support staff contact the correct person within your organisation for additional information if necessary.

New Support Request

Fields marked with an * are required


The Comscentre Customer Support Team uses an advanced Customer Ticketing and Tracking system to ensure the tickets are tracked and that the resolution of all faults is achieved as stated in our Service Level Agreement (SLA) with that particular customer.

When a fault is logged, it is given a ticket number, this number is used to track the fault through to resolution and should be quoted in all correspondence during the lifespan of the fault.

Each ticket is linked to a series of Service Level flags that are linked to each of our products.

Below is an explanation of our severity levels and their response times.

Logging a Fault

All faults and enquiries received by Comscentre Support will be entered into our Ticket Tracking System. A reply email will be sent to your nominated email address, this is to ensure you know that we have your ticket and it has been logged and entered into the system. If you do not receive an email response within 4 working hours, please do not hesitate to call us.

Severity Level Table

All faults and support issues logged with Comscentre Customer Care should include a Severity Level. If your issue is Severity 1 or 2 faults, please phone Customer Support on 1300 134 680 to ensure immediate attention. You can log Severity 3, 4 and 5 faults via email.

Severity LevelPriorityDescriptionResponse TimeResolution Time
1 Incident or Fault   Entire site and all users are effected and there is no work around. Examples include ISR down, ISDN services down, voice network down or all phones unusable. 1 Hour 4 Hours
2 Incident or Fault Partial system or site down. Part of your business is not working or severely degraded. Examples include some handsets, lines or IP phones unusable. 2 Hour 8 Hours
3 Incident or Fault Operational performance of the service is impaired, while most business operations remain functional. Examples include a feature of the system not working such as transfer calls, voicemail or hunt groups.  8 Hour 24 Hours
4 Change   Change request priority for customers who have a 24x7x4 maintenance coverage or above.  None  8 Business Hours
5 Change   Change request priority for most customers. None  16 Business Hours
Low   For add ons, installations or relocations only. 

Support Fees and Charges

Within the first three months of your service being connected, Comscentre offers unlimited support within the terms and conditions the customer agreement. Thereafter, support is bound by the agreed terms and conditions of that particular customers contract. Should a fault be logged by the customer in error, extra charges may be incurred.

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