10 Oct

Spark It Up! Quick Video Tutorials to Get Started with Cisco Spark

The whole idea of Cisco Spark is to make teamwork easier. It brings everyone and everything together so teams can move faster. It’s more than business messaging. It provides a full suite of services including meetings and calling.

With Spark, I’m never more than one click from collaborating with my team. I can make or receive voice and video calls, join meetings, schedule meetings, and more. And I always have the historical context of interactions through shared files and persistent message logs.

With Spark, I can collaborate with anyone using e-mail addresses. Cisco Spark is one app where I can work with my team from any device, wherever I am.

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03 Jun

Cloud Collaboration

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Enjoy the features of Cisco Unified Communications services, including a Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) or alternatively Skype for Business running from within the cloud. Simple telephone features, call centre requirements, message services, fax services, conferring needs and all advanced unified communications services can be run from within the cloud.

Cloud based services like Unified Communications mean that all of the hardware and software maintenance and fixes required when operating the system become the problem for the cloud provider. Your business can enjoy the telephone services without the headache of keeping everything running and up to date.

Comscentre build your VPN (Virtual Private Network) by linking your sites together and can connect that to the cloud based telephony servers. Instead of needing separate telephone links over PSTN or ISDN in each and every site you can centralise those links and connect them from within the cloud or instead use the Comscentre SIP Connect services to give you telephone services.

Cloud based Unified Communications combined with Comscentre Private Network VPN’s controlled by One Touch Control (OTC) offer cost and convenience benefits and allow you to focus on your business with a reliable phone service running from the cloud.

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