Wireless Voice and Data

Comscentre works with our partners to deliver comprehensive secure wireless data and voice solutions that provide connectivity both within and between buildings, and to the outside world. Comscentre’s wireless communications products save you time and money by already incorporating the building blocks of a Cisco Unified Wireless Network within our bundled, complete communication solutions.

Cisco Wireless Networks

Our Cisco Unified Wireless Networks are built on a flexible architecture that delivers pervasive wireless connectivity by integrating with the wired network for consistent mobility services. This secure, scalable, cost-effective WLAN solution offers:

  • Right-time access to information
  • Enhanced productivity with collaborative applications
  • Mobility services to transform business operations
  • Next generation 802.11n and enterprise wireless mesh for indoor and outdoor coverage
  • A unified client solution that simplifies device provisioning, troubleshooting, security and management
  • Integrated spectrum intelligence for visibility and control of the RF environment
  • Centralised management to lower operational costs with simpler design, control and management for enterprise wireless networks.

Flexible and Secure Solutions

Robust Security

Role-aware mobility facilitates consistent enforcement of identity policies, and intrusion prevention protects the network from unauthorised access.


Advanced features such as fast secure roaming, power savings and Quality of Service (QoS) help to ensure consistent voice calls on your network.

Guest Access

Guest access offers a simple way to provide customers, vendors, and partners with secure network access for increased productivity and real-time collaboration.


Telemetry, chokepoint and location technologies monitor mobile assets across the wireless network for inventory management, asset tracking, alert, and other business applications.

Spectrum Intelligence

Spectrum intelligence enables you to improve wireless network performance by detecting and eliminating sources of RF interference.

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